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I am 

  • 2014 Olympic Figure Skater at age 15

  • Youngest member of US Olympic Team in 2014

  • 2015 Four Continents Champion

  • 2x US Silver Medalist

  • 3x World Team Member

  • 2x Junior Grand Prix Gold Medalist

  • 2013 US Junior National Champion


I've grown up in the world of figure skating, traveling all over the world to compete at the most elite figure skating competitions -- while simultaneously going to full time high school. Following a foot injury that forced me to take time off skating while I attended University, I learned a lot about off-ice workouts and valuable nutrition. I developed a huge passion for fitness and food, marveling at how building a healthy lifestyle is enjoyable, easy, and essential. My personal journey has been a lively one, and I am so thrilled to share my insight with you!


After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Business Entrepreneurship from Santa Clara University, I started my own podcast: speaking all things figure skating! I also began putting together skating seminars, where I travel to rinks across the country to work with skaters! I love working with skaters and sharing my knowledge, and I'm excited to continue to do this.

  • Career

As a post-competitive Olympic athlete, I am very interested I staying involved in the sport through skating shows and skating seminars. With my podcast, I interview skaters and follow current skating competitions, and in the future I would love to be a sportscaster. I'm also a specialist in social media marketing, working with real estate in the Bay Area.

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