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My Background

Updated: May 2, 2020

As a full time Team USA Athlete and a full time student, I've juggled quite a lot on my plate since I was 7 years old.

Figure Skating

I started skating when I was two years old, and by the time I was 10 years old I competed at my first nationals. At age 14 I was Junior National Champion, and at age 15 I was the US Silver Medalist and competed at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. At age 16, I won my first major International Skating Competition -- I was the 2015 Four continents Champion. At age 17, I was once again US Silver Medalist and positioned for greatness at the upcoming World Championships, but I suffered from a navicular bone injury that took me out of competition for the next two years. In that recovery time, I started college at Santa Clara University.


I went to full time elementary and middle school growing up, waking up at 5am to skate before attending class, and going right back to the rink to skate again after school ended. At my peak competitive career, I was going to full time high school. Archbishop Mitty helped me tremendously with my class schedule for training, as well as all of my travels. When I took my recovery break, I was in full time college at Santa Clara University, taking the time to really focus on my studies for a future career once the skating window would close. I graduate in June 2020 with a bachelors degree in Communications and Business. During this time I learned a lot about myself and how to be healthy and fit with my body, something that took many ups and downs in my newfound independence to discover.


I am now set to graduate in one month, looking forward to pursuing sports media, sportcasting, and starting a podcast in the future! I also have plans to make a competitive comeback in skating and am in full training now. However, with the pandemic, many of my original plans have been put on pause. I realized that I could start putting together my own platform to give out the knowledge I've gained in all these past years of training and schooling. With PolPowered, I can share the brilliant simple exercises I learned in my many years of gymnastics and dance training, that I found so effective when I was forced the hiatus from intense skating training during my injury. I can share my health outlook on staying active and eating well -- nothing obsessive or restrictive, but simply energy inducing and nourishing. These are all so important during times likes these when we need to boost our immunity systems, and in general when we live our everyday lives. I'm so stoked to introduce this platform and spread some good vibes to anyone who wants to elevate their life!

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