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Starting PolPowered

Updated: May 1, 2020

Building my own fitness and food platform, sharing the sweetest exercises and recipe's for fueling your body

What does PolPowered do?

Individuals can sign up for 30 minute open zoom classes with me weekly, where I give some flexibility and core exercises for at-home workouts. Coaches can also reach out to me via email to set up an hour long private group zoom class for their skaters, where I'll teach some off-ice exercises as well as Q&A's with me and their students!

Food & Health:

I'm sharing some of my favorite food recipe that I like to make -- cooking and baking is one of my hobbies! These range from savory to sweet to salads to smoothies! I'm also posting health blogs about mindset and activities that can lead you to feel good in your body and be healthy in your skin.

Here’s how to stay healthy:

  1. Move your body! Stay active.

  2. Feed your body with nutrients, not junk.

  3. Surround yourself with energy that's positive

  4. Follow my fitness workouts, health bogs, and food recipe's for inspiration!

  5. Follow me on Social for more :) @polpowered

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